Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Select the web video provider from the provider list

Enter anything you want to find into search box (either in main toolbar or in search page under "Web Videos" tab).

Find the files you want from results list; click "Play Video" to preview and click "Download Video" to start downloading.

After download completes, from the task list, double-click the downloaded web video to play in embedded player.

By default, HTTP/FTP URL in clipboard is automatically monitored and you can modify file extensions to monitor in "General Settings". However, you may want to enter it manually. From main tool bar, select "HTTP/FTP Download" new task menu item, in the new task dialog, enter the URL and other information you have to start downloading.

Web video can be previewed while it is being downloaded. In this case, the download progress of the media file is only about 6%, however, it can be previewed if the preview button becomes "green" ("grey" means either no enough data to preview or it is not a media file)

Downloaded web videos are saved as Flash FLV video format. However, they can be converted into other different formats. To convert downloaded web videos, select the tasks and choose "Convert Audio/Video" to load SMConverter.

Press the button (with country flag) as highlighted in the following screenshot to look up for the source URL host geographical location.

You can open download folder (file containing folder) from several places. See the highlighted places in the following screenshot:

The first time SVDownloader runs, your system default language will be set as SVDownloader user interface language (if SVDownloader supports it). However, you can change the language anytime you want from the languages menu as shown in the following screenshot, or by using shortcut keys:

You can change SVDownloader configurations by pressing the tool button as highlighted in the following screenshot:

You may want to control the search keywords and restrict some content access (such as some adult content) for your children. In "Content Lock Settings", enter the keywords you want to filter in the "Keywords" box, then enter your protection password twice to lock. In future searches, these keywords will be filtered and adult content will be blocked.